Off the shelf

Steelpipe is primarily a “make to order” manufacturer, however, we do carry a range of concrete lined steel water pipe and plain shell structural piling in our Onehunga yard.

Availability does vary from time to time, so it is best to contact one of the sales team to confirm price and availability.

Steelpipe offers a range of additional services for clients. These include a range of end preparations such as single bevel, double bevel, internal welding bands, pile shoes, splicing into longer lengths and surface treatment systems. For more information, give us a call on +64 9 622 4580.

Download our product information manual.

Pipe configurations

PS – Plain Steel, CL – Concrete Lined, TC – Tape Coated, PE – Plain End, Bev1 – bevelled one end

Stock pipes - water stock range

Dimensions PS CL PE TC CL PE
121.9mmOD x 4.8 x 6m
177.3mmOD x 4.8mm x 6m
232.2mmOD x 5mm x 6m
259.1mmOD x 5mm x 6m
286mmOD x 5mm x 6m
345.4mmOD x 5 x 12m
426.4mmOD x 6.4 x 12m
508mmOD x 6.4 x 12m
667mmOD x 6.4 x 12m

Structural stock range

Dimensions PS PS PE PS PS Bev1
609.6mmOD x 9.5mm x 12m
609.6mmOD x 12.7mm x 12m
609.6mmOD x 16mm x 12m
762mmOD x 9.5mm x 12m
914.4mmOD x 9.5mm x 12m
914.4mmOD x 12.7mm x 12m
1219.2mmOD x 12.7mm x 12m