132m of 667mm OD x 6.4mm WT spiral welded steel, tape coated, concrete lined pipe

Water from the Rakaia River was pumped under pressure up a vertical face to a plateau for distribution to irrigation systems. The proximity of the pipeline to the river, with its steep gradients, and the rough surrounding terrain meant that the strength of welded joints and the ability of the steel pipe to support itself was a major advantage.

The hemispherical slip in joints (HSJ) that were supplied on each pipe offered a number of significant advantages to the project over alternative methods. The ease of connection from one pipe to another meant that on-site welding was also quick and easy. The welded joint has the added benefit of providing extra strength to the joints, eliminating the use of support thrust blocks and reducing the affect of circumferential stress. The ability of the HSJ joint to deflect pipes up to 3 degrees at each joint reduced the number of fabricated bends required. To ensure a minimal amount of disruption to the contractor, the pipes were delivered direct to site by truck. This close contact was maintained throughout the project and was crucial to reducing risks to the project and the successful, on time completion.