Solution focused


One of the key benefits of working with Steelpipe is our ability to truly partner with our clients, to not only manufacture and deliver top quality products in sync with project timetables but to understand our clients’ projects and use our expertise to provide solutions.

Solving the problem

Steelpipe has a committed team of qualified sales engineers and technical staff who are available to offer advice and provide genuine solutions at any stage of a contract on:


Delivery schedules to meet your on-site requirements. We can stage deliveries which will: Reduce storage and handling costs caused by double handling, minimise logistics of dealing with large shipments, administer project cash flows more evenly, and manage pipe lengths based on actual site conditions

Short lead times

Steelpipe has the ability to work to our clients’ timetable and can manufacture and supply quality, locally produced pipe on short lead times in the lengths required.

Flexibility and short run sizes

A significant advantage of the spiral forming process is that any length between 6 – 20 metres can be made off the mill, with length changes possible during production.

Longer lengths are achievable by splicing, with the maximum length constrained only by the mode of transport to site. Because of the efficiency of the process, production runs can be broken into and changed around to suit the staggered delivery needs of clients.


Steelpipe’s experience, expertise and connections mean that once your pipe is made we can organise virtually any combination of fittings and bends to suit your project. The wide range of design options made possible by the spiral forming process provides the means to solve almost any problem involving fittings and specials. The design and fabrication of pipe layouts, especially intricate ones, is greatly enhanced by the use of standardised dimensions along the pipe centre line.


Steelpipe’s manufacturing facility operates under accredited QA systems, producing high quality pipe to Australian, New Zealand and other specified standards. Management systems are accredited with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 – Quality System to ensure that our products are fit for purpose and will continue to perform throughout their design life.