QSE and Projects Co-ordinator

Chris Co-ordinates all Quality, Safety and Environmental related activities within Steelpipe Ltd. He is driven to ensure that the right people are in the right positions with the right equipment resources, and training to get any and all jobs done safely and to the highest standard.

Chris is also responsible for co-ordinating major projects at Steelpipe, taking ownership from manufacturing through to installation, to ensure customer satisfaction is paramount at every level of the business.

A huge part of Chris’s role is to facilitate flexibility within a project for the customer, thus ensuring partnership is not just a word but a reality for them.

He has a wide and varied background, working in various parts of New Zealand and the world in industries as diverse as archaeology, tourism and packaging.Chris has a Diploma in Quality Management Systems and has created ISO9001:2008 systems from scratch. He brings this drive for quality and continuous improvement into every aspect of his role.