Meet our health and safety responsibilities, ensuring the wellbeing of all people who are involved with our business

Health and Safety is a priority for everyone in the team at Steelpipe. We believe that it is our collective responsibility to ensure we operate in a safe working environment. With this in mind, we have our own proprietary programme for health & safety – RADAR, which stands for:

  • Recognise risk
  • Assess the situation
  • Develop a safe solution
  • Act safely to fix the problem
  • Record and report the event

The programme involves regular seminars and events on H&S topics, on-going training and mentoring and new employee inductions. We also create new initiatives and collateral which are rolled out across the plant every month demonstrating workplace risks.

Occupational health & safety policy

Steelpipe is committed to achieving industry best practice in occupational safety and health working conditions for all people at Steelpipe including employees, workers, visitors and other affected people throughout all areas of its activities. At Steelpipe, we believe that all injuries are preventable; therefore, each and every person has a responsibility to strive towards a working environment that is, as far as practicable, safe and without risks to health. To do this we all must commit to the below wholeheartedly.

Management will lead by example

  • Actively strive to provide and maintain a safe working environment, including safe equipment and systems of work
  • Provide policy and systems which, in conjunction with work practices, comply with all safety and health statutory requirements, applicable codes of practice and standards as a minimum
  • Demonstrate leadership and commitment on all occupational safety and health matters
  • Promote awareness throughout the company by initial and ongoing education and supervision of all employees and contractors
  • Establish and maintain measurable objectives to ensure continual improvement aimed at eliminating work related injury and illness
  • We will make this information available, developing and implementing SOPs
  • Address complacency through the RADAR initiative
  • Allocate appropriate resources to meet the commitments of this Policy

We are responsible for safety

  • Each person at Steelpipe, regardless of their role will:
  • Be alert to health and safety risks – and speak up straight away when they are uncertain, have questions or concerns
  • Ensure that all incidents are reported, recorded accurately and investigated to determine root causes
  • Be involved in the health and safety decision making process through consultation, communication and training
  • Take all practicable steps to ensure safety through systematic hazard identification, risk assessment, risk control and monitoring to ensure continuing effectiveness. This will include consultation with all relevant staff and stakeholders

We will watch out for our friends, colleagues and others

Each staff member will:

  • Take care of their own health and safety and that of others affected by their actions at work
  • Ensure they understand the occupational safety requirements and practices relevant to each activity they undertake for Steelpipe
  • If they are unsure they will speak up
  • Seek to identify potential hazards and to report these including any accidents or incidents to management as soon as practicable
  • Comply with safety procedures and directions given by their manager